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Toe Socks and Foot Function

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Independent toe function is critical to optimal foot function.  Why is this?

You have 26 bones in your feet. 14 of them (ie more than 50% of them) can be found in your toes alone yes, as if that wasn't enough, of the remaining 12 bones, 9 of them are directly involved in what your toes do.  That's right 23 out of 26 bones in each foot (or 46 out of 52 in your feet) depend, for optimal function, on the independent function of each toe.

When the toe is encased in a standard sock or, worse, in a standard shoe which compromise toe function, this is when foot function begins to break down.  After all, if 88% of the bones in the foot are not functioning to their potential, moving through the range nature endowed them with, you are compromising your function, and you're doing that at very point - indeed the only point - your body interfaces with the ground.

Why would I use a toe sock?

Many users of toe socks are already wearers of Vibram Fivefingers, but many are not.  Toe socks have become popular with runners because one of the banes of a runners life can be blisters between the toes.  When people wear conventional running shoes their toes get pushed together and so across many kilometres, this will often result in rubbing and blister formation.  Toe socks help to prevent this.

Similarly, Toe socks are made from CoolMax - ideal for moisture wicking and, as such, may help in preventing Athlete's Foot and other fungal infections of the toes and nails.

Of course, if you are a Vibram Fivefingers wearer, or are going for that more barefoot feel in another shoe, then the V-Toes allow the foot to retain a more natural function while keeping it warm in colder climates; and aside from that, they also help in odour management (although, of course, Vibram Fivefingers are one of the few shoes on the market you can put in the washing machine)!