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Fitting Vibram Fivefingers

One of the initial hurdles some people have with Vibram Fivefingers is to get them fitting right.  Much like putting a pair of gloves on a small child, some peoples' adult feet have similar dexterity!

Top tips for Vibram Fivefingers are:

1) Put the shoe on the floor and walk the foot into it (rather than picking the foot off the floor)
2) Ensure the big toe goes into the 1st toe slot (often it will head straight for the 2nd toe pocket due to malformation of Western feet due to habitual use of footwear.
3) Leave the heel out until each of the toes is in place, THEN pull the heel up last.

For more information, here is a YouTube snippet we put together to help potential customers  put Vibram Fivefingers on effortlessly: