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Vibram Fivefingers - Trek Ascent Insulated Womens Grey - Primal Lifestyle Barefoot

Trek Ascent Insulated Womens Grey

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Great Vibram Fivefingers option for those who don’t slow down as the weather gets colder, the Trek Ascent Insulated keeps feet toasty while battling the elements. Engineered with an ICETREK outsole, this dynamo provides unparalleled grip and balance on icy cold surfaces.

 The deeper tread on the specially designed Vibram Fivefingers sole offers a great grip on uneven ground. Whilst great for trekking and walking, the Trek Ascent Insulated is perfectly fine to run in and for general urban use. Even thought the sole does have a deeper tread pattern this does not affect the great barefoot feel. Wearing the Trek Ascent in the great outdoors really does let you connect with your environment giving great sensory feeback via your feet and their contact with the ground. It is a fantastic experience we would love you to try.

Trek Ascent Insulated - Trekking and Cold protection with Vibram Fivefingers barefoot feel movement and comfort.

Please Note due to the thicker lining to go up a size with this style of Vibram Fivefingers

Trek Ascent Insulated is best for...

  • Hiking
  • Trail running
  • Cross country
  • Mixed terrain
  • Cold Conditions


Vibram Fivefingers Trek Ascent Insulated Fitting Tips.

The Vibram Fivefingers Trek Ascent Insulated outdoor shoe has quite a thick insulated upper. If your feet measure towards the upper end of a particular size on our size guide it is usually best to go up a size for a better fit and to allow for the extra insulated padding in the upper.



WEIGHT: W38= 6.2oz 

SOLE SPEC: INSOLE: 4mm Polyurethane + Wool Sockliner 


RUBBER: 4mm 

UPPER MATERIAL: WR Cordura™ + Polyester + Wool 


Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry 


Colour : Grey

Style : Trek Ascent insulated

 Model : 18W5301