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EL-X Mens Black - Primal Lifestyle - Vibram Fivefingers

EL-X Mens Black

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The  EL-X. Built to be simple, comfortable and easy to put on, the EL-X is the perfect introduction to Vibram Fivefingers. With an ultra thin sole, this shoe connects you to your environment while packing easily and showing you what Fivefingers are all about.


This patented Vibram FiveFingers design takes a minimalist approach to barefooting. Non-marking Vibram TC1 performance rubber soles protect your feet and provide a sure grip over a variety of terrain. A thin, abrasion-resistant stretch polyamide fabric fits low on the foot for comfort and quick drying. The Sole features the Vibram XS TREK technical compound which offer great performance, especially for flexibility and wet traction.

The EL-X is a fantastic entry level pair of Vibram Fivefingers offering a great minimalist barefoot experience. From running to the Urban Playground and especially Indoor activities due to its non marking sole.

The Vibram Fivefingers EL-X can be used for numerous barefoot protected activities. One particular use we have found and will focus on is for weight lifitng and gym work where you will want the stability, strength and power from training in bare feet but where many gym's require their members to wear something on their feet. This can be for safety and hygiene reasons. The Vibram Fivefingers EL-X solves this.

The Vibram Fivefingers E-LX is lightweight and has a compact design making it a great travel companion.

EL-X is best for...
  • Running
  • Fitness Training
  • Martial Arts
  • Weight Lifiting
  • Travel
  • After Sport
  • Wet traction for watersports

*Machine washable. Air dry. (Fast Drying)


  • Upper - abrasion-resistant stretch polyamide fabric
  • Sole - Vibram TC-1 performance rubber
  • Footbed - Antimicrobial microfiber



Men's size 43 - 5.3oz. each, 10.6oz./pair

Model :13M0101

 The more a shoe looks like a foot the more it acts like a foot. The foot evolved to provide maximum feedback to the brain about our body's sense of its own position, balance and movement - this is called proprioception. Vibram Fivefingers shoes are designed to complement the natural movements of your feet and offer great ground feel and feedback.