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Primal Clinical

Sounds contradictory, right?!  Well, on the one hand it is, but on the other... it hits the nail on the head:

Your health and performance

You have a birthright to good health and performance because you are the pinnacle of a long line of human beings whose genetic expression has been honed and refined, by mother nature, to create the optimum specimen.  

And before you start to make any excuses about your own athletic prowess, consider the fact that as little as 8,000-10,000 years ago, you would have been living: a) with minimal clothing, b) with minimal lighting and heating, c) with a requirement to move long distances every day, d) with razor sharp senses and intuition, e) with great strength, speed, dexterity, responsiveness, flexibility, quick-wittedness and stamina... And these are just a few of the attributes that you have, innately built into your genes - should you choose to explore them...

Primal Lifestyle was founded by Matt Wallden, a clinician who has specialised in holistic performance conditioning and rehabilitation, incorporating osteopathy, nutrition, naturopathy, and his training as a CHEK Practitioner.

Matt still practices clinically and can provide you with a range of services.