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About your Luna Sandals


Could you, too, be a Luna-tic?  luna-logo-medium.png

Luna Sandals are your chance to be part of the story human technological development, to experience how many of the great running peoples have enjoyed running, and to be a part of the culmination of a long search to discover the ultimate minimalist footwear:

- footwear that can be worn over almost any terrain
- footwear that will last for thousands of miles
- footwear effective despite the most minimal of designs:
     - one piece of rubber and
     - one piece of strapping

The story of Ted McDonald's pursuit of the ultimate minimalist footwear - a technology that would allow humans to expand their range while minimizing the resources consumed, is largely described in the best-selling book Born To Run.

Indeed, it was Barefoot Ted's ranting about the benefits of barefoot running to a bemused writer, Christopher McDougall, that inspired the (now hit) author to go away and "prove Barefoot Ted wrong" once and for all.  It was this desire that drove the efforts of McDougall as he delved deeper and deeper into the evidence supporting the use of running shoes... and found there was none.

Of course, the name of the brand is in honour of Manuel Luna - one of the greatest runners, from one of the greatest running peoples the world has never seen, as it was he who taught Ted how to construct an huarache (pronounced "OO-ah-rah-chee").  Of course, the tragedy and the majesty of this tale can be found in full in the book, but here is a brief summary of the story as told by Luna Sandals:

To hear more from Ted, keep a close eye on this page, or on our Facebook Page or Twitter account.  For now, here is a video of Ted from when we first brought him to the UK in 2010 and asked him about his Luna's and his Vibram Fivefingers: