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About Your Feet

The human foot, according to no lesser genius than Leonardo Da Vinci, is a masterpiece of engineering.

The genius of the design resides in the 200,000 nerve endings, the 34 muscles (14 of which are "extrinsic" and 20 of which are "intrinsic"), the 33 joints, the 26+ bones and the 5 digits.

Da Vinci was not only a master of anatomy, architecture and art, but was also a mathemetician acutely aware of sacred geometry.  As such, Da Vinci would have been aware of the fact that 5 digits was a common pattern throughout zoology - which practically every existing animal has in some form.  Hence, the number five was important for some reason in biology, as well as in sacred geometry.  

What probably escaped Da Vinci's exceptional vision and intuition, however, is that several centuries beyond his recognition of the complexity and eloquence of the foot's anatomy, people would re-discover it's innate function and recognise that what they had believed to be cutting edge "technology" for the foot was , in reality, more antiquated than anythng of Da Vinci's time.

As an engineer and inventor of other visionary technologies that didn't appear until the 20th century (such as submarines and helicopters), it is intriguing to wonder whether Da Vinci, too, would have been absorbed by the marketing claims of the big footwear giants - or even seduced by the way of thinking that has ruled much of podiatry for the last half-century...

I guess we will never know, but a quote he left for us may offer us a clue:

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